Friends of the Cowboys — We need Your Help . . .

It is now the beginning of spring which means football time in Franklin.  Preparations are beginning for a new season, entering our 4th decade of one of the most successful youth organizations in middle Tennessee.  We are expecting around 400 players and 100 cheerleaders, fielding over 20 teams ranging in age from 5-12 years old.  Even in a trying economy, we understand the need for youth organizations to mentor our children to not only play sports, but to be leaders in our communities.  The Franklin Cowboys is one of those organizations that believe in our children.

We are reaching out to our community more than ever this year and cannot continue to invest in our children without the continued support of those in this community.  Every year, we have a substantial number of players who cannot afford to pay the registration fees of playing in a youth organization.  The Cowboy philosophy is to never turn these children away.  But with uniform costs, insurance fees and equipment, we cannot continue our scholarship program without help.  That is why we have developed our sponsorship programs which will vary in size and scope for our sponsors.  If you wish to sponsor one of the leading youth programs in middle Tennessee, the Cowboys can tailor a specific program to meet your situation.  This program cannot survive without the support of our community that has made us strong for years and will continue to do so into the next generation.  As always, any donation is greatly appreciated.

We are contacting businesses and individuals who share the same enthusiasm for our children as I do, as well as recognize the opportunities that our organization provides for all the local businesses.  The City of Franklin has big plans for youth football facilities in the upcoming years and the Cowboy's organization is also trying to raise funds to replace more our equipment in the coming years.

To those who have always been supporters of the Cowboys, we thank you so much for your continued support and kindness.  To those of you who are new supporters, we would like to thank you in advance and urge you to come out this fall and participate in Cowboy football.  The ability to watch these children grow up and mature each year is amazing and makes all the effort worthwhile.  The Cowboys organization is a passion of those like me who are involved and dedicate their time and effort.  Every penny of your sponsorship goes directly to the support of the players.  No Coach, staff, or board member is compensated in any way.  We are completely a volunteer organization and as a 501(c)(3) non-profit group, all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your continued support.

Dale Nichols - President

For information on sponsorship, please contact us